June 22, 2015
an image of a woman giving a presentation with lots of writing on a whiteboard that she is pointing to

Innovative and Impactful Strategic Planning

Challenged by their Executive Leaders to reduce the time it took to develop their strategic plan, we co-created...
June 22, 2015
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Bold Thinking…Bold Actions

A team serving the needs of a variety of client companies in the healthcare domain were planning an offsite for their team...
September 10, 2015

High Potential Leadership Program

A software development company wanted to develop the new leaders on their Product Development team. In conjunction with their Chief Technology Officer, we created a project...
September 10, 2015
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Leadership Coaching

Galvanized by a People Pulse survey, the Executive Team of a major healthcare system turned their focus and energy on building leadership capabilities across the organization...
September 10, 2015

Leadership Presence Workshop

A top tier consulting firm, who wanted to help their early to mid career talent build their “leadership presence” asked Cadena to develop an interactive, highly impactful workshop...
September 10, 2015
an image of a group of coworkers standing around a large presentation board with writing on it

NextGen Design

An "intrapreneurial" team of business and clinical leaders who had innovated the procurement process for a major healthcare company realized their charter, focus, and value...