Innovation and Advanced Technology

It was a great Innovation Retreat and a really fantastic team! I loved how everyone made a really complex agenda look so simple.

Vice President

Strategic Market Planning and Execution

Ann is our, “Chief Value Extractor.” She knows how to derive the maximum value from all the different people in the room while having fun and building strong bonds.

Vice President

Healthcare Company

You brought the right tempo, guidance and clarity to this entire process, and I'm certain our outcomes wouldn't have been the same without you.

Senior Director

Information Technology Leadership Team

I am inspired by your courage and perseverance. You are so calm and ready to lead a team through our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to know you and have you as our mentor/coach.

Vice President

Sales and Marketing Team

Thank you for your skill and effort to being our mid-wife. Thanks to you and the team for setting us up so well. I have heard from several people how rewarding and fruitful the 2 days were. We are a critical lot so this should make the planning team all feel good.


Information Technology

Ann, I wanted to be sure I passed on the exemplary facilitation feedback we heard today from the team; overall getting to the outcomes and specifically on how (with much energy and focus) we got to the top 5 priorities! One of our Senior Vice Presidents stated this was the best session she had attended in her 10 years here! Thanks so much!


Clinical Contact Center

It was a pleasure working with you again. I really enjoyed the day. I thought the meeting had a great pace, plenty of interaction, was fun and very productive. The slides were wonderful. Thank you for all the teamwork, energy, creativity, time management and support you deliver every time.

Executive Director

Information Technology

Yesterday's All Hands event was a great success. From the room layout and design to the food and the gifts, everything was flawless and our leadership team benefited from all the great planning, support and attention to detail each and every one of you put into the day.   I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such smart and committed people. You all have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this great event happen and for that I thank you.

National Program Director

Human Resources

Thank you for sharing your time. Your listening skills highlight your ability to ask thought provoking questions that enhanced our dialog. Our conversations are always deeply rewarding for me.


Innovation and Advanced Technology Team

I think it speaks volumes of the respect you have from the organization that you are the person we turn to in times of uncertainty. Everyone trusts you to lead us to some clarity. Really, it makes me feel great that you're facilitating next week's session. Your ability to be neutral and see all sides will help us all consider alternative perspectives.